Classic Car Finance

Being petrol heads, we are passionate about classic cars ownership.
Having driven most cars way back from the 60’s all the way up to Modern 80’s Classics, the classic car world has so much choice.
Whether you are looking at a classic Mercedes or a modern Classic BMW 635 CSI, we understand what makes the classic cat owner tick.
Traditional car finance institutions and high street lenders rarely offer suitable finance options to suit the needs of a classic car buyer.
Either they don’t wish to get involved at all or the options they offer are unsuitable and therefore unduly expensive.
We don’t just offer Modern Finance Solutions, we are a niche vehicle finance broker and as such has access to funds and finance options designed specifically for the purchase of classic cars.

We are able to provide secured and unsecured classic car finance options and offer the flexibility of buying from a specialist dealer, private sale or classic car auction.

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Easy 4 Step Process:

Choose your Vehicle

Get a quote and Submit your application

Approval and Invoice from Dealer

Documents signed and Dealer Paid and Ready for Collection

Get a personalised quote and bespoke service with competitive rates.
Call us on 0208 572 1237 to discuss in more detail and tell us your requirements,
alternatively, request a quote and fill out our simple form.

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